What People Say :

“It was really important for me to understand the stages of labour and how contractions work. Going into labour with this understanding helped up know where we were at, what we could expect and how to manage in each stage.”

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Private Birth Sessions

Birthmatters runs short active birth courses designed to help couples feel more prepared and more confident in their ability to work well together through the birthing process. Each course runs for three evening sessions and the focus is on learning and practicing self – help techniques for labour- this includes practicing massage for first stage of labour, relaxation breathing, and psychological strategies for riding through intense sensations. These courses are held in Drummoyne, NSW.

Sessions are of one hour  duration and ideally are booked in from 28 weeks of pregnancy. Cost $220 per session

What  our clients say

“I really enjoyed Lyn’s classes. We are deeply grateful that Lyn could give us such a wonderful gift” EF

“What helped me was the mindset that each contraction gets you closer to having your baby. It helped me welcome my contractions” SF

“It helped to have Lyn demonstrate how noisy a labouring woman can be“ NK


Effective childbirth preparation is like having a map of the territory through the birthing process so that the woman and her partner understand at each stage where they are at and what she can do to respond to her body in the most effective way to help the labour unfold. Understanding your body’s capacity to ripen and to initiate labour can help you shift from a position of trying too hard to make birth happen to simply letting birth happen and responding to what is needed at each stage.

Birthmatters active birth course also covers both practical and emotional preparation for parenting. Understanding your baby’s primary needs- to feel safe and be responded to- will make it easier for you to tune in to your baby and feel relaxed about being close to your little one. First of all helping baby feel safe and then working out a rhythm of your day together.

Whatever your level of confidence this course has something to offer you

The course covers…

Understanding stages of labour and what type of focus (active or passive) is best for each stage of labour.

Understanding that a low-key approach(“take the focus off the process”) really important in early labour.

Understanding that strong labour requires a relaxed focus on contractions to consciously let go and welcome contractions.

How to recognise signs of labour and when to shift to hospital.

How do I know my baby is coping with labour.

Using self help techniques for pain relief.

Psychological preparation for pushing. How to centre yourself for letting go with the powerful urges of second stage.

Understanding possible complications in labour/ c section.

Caring for your baby- areas covered:


Wrapping for sleep


Baby equipment

Nappy changing

Babies and Pets

Safe Sleeping


Refresher Birth Sessions

“Lyn was wonderful in my preparation for giving birth for the second time. I had a traumatic first birth and was very scared and anxious about my second experience. Lyn worked with me to feel confident and in control of my delivery. My experience was calm and I felt like I knew exactly what was going on and how to communicate my needs.”

For couples who have already had a baby and want to spend some time together focusing on their baby and birth preparation two sessions at around six months of pregnancy are recommended. These sessions focus on both  on working together effectively in labour and helping your child/children adjust to the new baby.

Where the first labour has been complicated or traumatic for either partner some individual sessions may be recommended.

Sessions are of one hour  duration and ideally are booked in from 28 weeks of pregnancy. Cost $220 per session.

Bookings to be made over the phone by calling 9764-1319

For more information before you book, call  9764-1319 or email lyn@birthmatters.com.au