What Women Say :

“With Lyns’ help I am breastfeeding with no nipple damage, more than enough milk and a very calm and chubby baby.”

For help call

Home Visits

A home visit can usually be arranged within 24-48 hours of calling and most clients report feeling more confident and more relaxed in their ability to get their baby onto the breast after one session.

A one and a half hour consultation allows you to feel unrushed and unpressured . There is time to talk, time for me show – in a hands –off way- slight changes that may help the start of a feed being much smoother… and time to practice attaching the baby yourself. Tuning in more to the baby and less to worries about perfect  attachment can bring about a rapid and positive change in your feeding!  We will devise a realistic plan together for the next week and aim to help both you and your baby enjoy the breastfeeding relationship.

Cost  $220

What a consultant can offer

Some of the reasons women call for a lactation consultant are:

Sore Nipples

Milk Supply issues

Breast refusal

Infections – thrush/ mastitis

Tongue tie

Assessment of baby with slow weight gains

Unsettled babies- reflux

Breastfeeding Issues

Breastfeeding Issues are usually a combination of physical issues ( eg infection, cracked nipples) and anxiety ( usually in both mother and baby). In order for real change to happen it is vital to address both parts of the problem. Addressing only the physical issues does not necessarily lead to more enjoyable breastfeeding as the mother can still have residual doubts about whether “ she is doing it correctly “ Addressing mainly the anxiety may leave mother feeling understood but still in pain!

Breastfeeding can be a “coccoon of intimacy” for both mother and baby , if when problems arise they can be diagnosed early and accurately, and if anxiety can be reduced in the process.


Preparing for a second baby

“Lyn was incredible in preparing me for breastfeeding. My experience of breastfeeding my first child was shocking. I had severe nipple damage, mastitis, flow and volume of milk issues. My son became underweight very quickly and I spent every hour either breastfeeding, expressing or giving top up formula. With Lyns’ help I am breastfeeding with no nipple damage, more than enough milk and a very calm and chubby baby. I did get mastitis and called Lyn. Immediately Lyn was able to assess and diagnose the issue and I was back on track within 24 hours.”

If you had difficulties breastfeeding your first baby- and are wanting to feed your second baby  but are worried about an overwhelming experience then meeting in pregnancy to process the experience you had with your first lactation and planning the type of support that you need this time can be very effective.

Please arrange your consultation at around 28 weeks of pregnancy. These are held in my office in Drummoyne.