Lyn’s advice :

“Understanding how to help your baby settle after a feed can take the worry out of the early weeks.”

Cat-napping newborn

For babies who wake within 10-20 minutes of being down asleep

Night-time frequent feeders

For babies older than 8 months who wake frequently through the night

Over tired Toddlers

For toddlers who resist sleep and rev-up as the day goes on

Flexible routines

For parents who have their babies in a sleep routine but feel they cant go out for fear of disturbing the pattern

Our Approach :

• Actively seeking out and understanding your concerns, desires and goals for change
• Understanding your worries about your own sleep and your baby’s sleep
• Teaching simple and gentle strategies- in your home- to help baby re-settle and sleep longer
• Encouraging flexibility in parenting- with a view to meeting your child’s needs for both nurture and structure

Cat napping newborn

Does this sound familiar? You’ve fed your baby… it took a while but that’s ok. She’s asleep in your arms now .. really asleep …sound asleep . You put her in her crib and like clockwork she stirs on the 10 minute mark … shes crying hard now so you pick her up feed her put her down again and the cycle continues after ten minutes she is awake….

Learn to distinguish your babies need for feeding and need for sleep
Understand ways to help your baby feel secure out of your arms for sleep
Tips for re-settling without lifting baby out of the crib and starting the cycle over again

Night-time frequent feeders

Beyond 8 months most babies are able to have longish stretches of consolidated sleep without the need for feeding. Habits of feeding can be shifted quite rapidly from this age onwards if gentle re-settling can be offered instead of feeding.
For parents who want to sleep train their baby choosing a time when everyone is well (eg baby not teething or has a cold) will mean that you will have the greatest chance of success. Mentally gear up for the process and make sure that you and your partner are really working together as a team.

Over tired toddler

Does your toddler fight sleep and rev-up progressively over the day?
Being able to recognise the early signs of tiredness in a 2-3 year old for “rest time” and helping your toddler re-set rather than rev-up can make for a better day all round for the whole family.

Flexible Sleep Routines

So your baby is sleeping well but your activities and your partners are now centred around preserving this sleep routine. You’d love to go to your pre-natal group re-union but its your baby’s sleep time…..this can be the start of some very miserable, isolated tense times.
“Sleep centred parenting” can be just as difficult as sleep deprived parenting – neither work well for really enjoying your new family and fostering closer connection.

As the Sleep Training sessions are held at your place of residence dates for booking are subject to availability and you will be contacted to arrange booking details after submitting the form below.