“Thank you again Lyn for creating such a wonderful bunch of classes that were so helpful to both of us (and our babies).. all of the preparation we’d been taught was utilised.

From massage techniques, birthing positions, relaxation strategies, breastfeeding preparation and even hearing what a genuine contraction sounds like (this was invaluable for my husband so he wasn’t worried something was wrong when I gave some primal roars!)”


“The most important part of the course was mentally preparing me for the birth by hearing and practising the “low  ahhhh breathing“ through simulated contractions.”


“The birthmatters classes we attended were amazing and we both felt really well prepared to tackle the birth together as a team. And that we did!”

N + A

“The breathing, the massage and the re-enactment of sounds really helped.”


“The mindset that each contraction gets you closer to having your baby and your need to welcome them..thanks heaps.”


“It was great having a dedicated 3 hours a week to concentrate on the baby when the final months of pregnancy were so hectic.”


“Understanding the stages and how contractions work was really important. Going into labour with this understanding helped us in knowing where we were at, what we could expect next and how to manage.”

M.M. + N.M.